You can be drawn into enforcement actions for stormwater mishaps that occur on your projects.

Enforcement penalties can reach up to $37,500 per violation, per day,

You need to be certain your builders understand the stormwater regulatory expectations and have adequate programs in place to consistently deliver minimum permit compliance.

The problem is, builders may assure you they are qualified, however, most builders don’t understand the expectations or your mutual obligations–and you wouldn’t know.

We help you:

  • Understand your regulatory obligations and risks
  • Communicate clearly your performance expectations in specs and contract language
  • Design and implement Master SWPPPs that meet all federal, state and local expectations
  • Manage any size project regardless of complexity or number of builders
  • Eliminate costly change orders and the compliance mistakes that most builders make
  • Build or protect your reputation in your local community
  • Offer compliance training and tools to your builders
  • Monitor project compliance performance and keep your builders accountable

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