Our mission since 2004 is to reduce client corporate risks by creating and implementing cost-effective, self-directed, and self-sustaining stormwater permit compliance programs that work in any regulatory jurisdiction.


Began SRM and developed our stormwater permit compliance system for general contractors, our Uniform Stormwater Management System (USMS).


Our USMS system was adopted by Colorado’s Water Quality Control Division as the foundation of the Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP), which gained national acclaim.


Partnered with AGC Colorado to promote the CSEP.

SRM also helped ComplianceWise develop their digital management tool that we use for our stormwater permit compliance system (USMS). ComplianceWise improves the speed and thoroughness of the stormwater audit process and supports the CSEP.


SRM began offering the ComplianceWise digital management tool to our clients.


SRM and AGC Colorado initiated legislation to fund the CSEP industry self-policing methodology. After building almost unanimous support throughout the community, HB11-1026 was passed by the Colorado Legislature and signed into statute by the Governor.


Implemented our SRM program on thousands of projects, with zero regulatory enforcement penalties. We continue to research, develop, and successfully implement the best regulatory compliance systems and training in the nation.

The SRM Team

Bill Robinson

Founder, Owner, Managing Member

Bill Robinson has 30 years of experience in a broad range of commercial construction industry roles from Laborer to Senior Project Manager. Bill, along with his company co-founders, established the Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP) and developed SRM's Uniform Stormwater Management System (USMS) as well as the fully digital ComplianceWise stormwater management system, which has become a nationally recognized model for successful construction stormwater permit compliance. The intent of these programs was to improve water quality through highly effective industry training and self-policing, to significantly reduce operator regulatory risks, and to increase industry advocacy effectiveness through improved industry compliance.  

Education + Experience Highlights

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, Washington State University

Served on AGC of America’s Environmental Steering Committee (2010 - 2013)

International Erosion Control Association, Mountain States Chapter, Board of Directors, Treasurer (elected 2014)

Founder, Board of Directors, Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP) (2005 - present)

Certified Inspector & Instructor, Uniform Stormwater Management System (USMS)


Rich Jackson

Account Manager, Senior Environmental Compliance Manager, LEED GA

Rich has 17 years of experience in the building industry: 12 of which were spent in various supervisory roles within the residential construction sector, and the last 6 years focused exclusively on construction stormwater permit compliance, with an emphasis on developing permit compliance programs. Having joined SRM in 2007, Rich provides compliance assistance to both federal and civilian contractors and construction management agencies, and provides compliance training in both the classroom and in the field. He also co-created SRM's Uniform Stormwater Management System, which has become a nationally recognized model for successful construction stormwater permit compliance.

Education + Experience Highlights

Certified Inspector & Instructor, Uniform Stormwater Management System (USMS)


Brett Ochs

Environmental Compliance Auditor

Brett Ochs has been a professional in the stormwater and restoration industry since 2012. Prior experience includes alpine trail design and construction, alpine fire mitigation and forest health, and work for the Nature Conservancy. He possesses extensive skills in the areas of ecological systems, engineering, environmental compliance, public interaction/presentations, and project management. Brett’s diverse and wide-ranging professional experience makes him a well-rounded Auditor. Brett joined SRM in 2020 and is a professional who values honest and respectful communication and being readily accessible to anyone he serves. His construction and regulatory knowledge and dedication to providing the best compliance assistance possible reflects SRM’s values well. Brett brings to SRM a strong commitment to upholding the highest standards in protecting our waterways and environment. Brett is an avid mountain biker, woodworker, and photographer and he enjoys pursuing those interests in his free time.

Education + Experience Highlights

USMS Certified Inspector & Instructor, Uniform Stormwater Management System

CISEC #1448 - Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control

AAS Natural Resources Management

AGS Architectural Technology

Will Stewart

Environmental Compliance Auditor

Will Stewart has been a professional in the stormwater and restoration industry since late 2017. Prior experience in the industry includes industrial inspections, traditional and linear utility inspections, DOT audits, water quality monitoring and sampling, wildfire mitigation and restoration, and ARC GIS mapping. Will’s time in the field so far in his career has provided the growth potential and experience to ensure his goals are aimed towards productivity, profitability and compliance with all clients based on industry and regulatory knowledge. Will joined SRM in October 2022, aiming to provide the best consulting efforts to contractors and construction management personnel to reflect SRM’s standards and values.

Education + Experience Highlights

CESSWI - Certified Erosion, Sediment, and Stormwater Inspector

Kim Robinson

Office Manager

With ComplianceWise since 2005, Kim manages all accounting and HR functions in the office. Kim’s specialties are keeping things organized and, with an educational background in English, she keeps us writing good. In addition to Kim’s extensive client and office management experience, she spent over a decade managing children with behavioral problems, a skill set invaluable at our company.

Education + Experience Highlights

Bachelor of Arts, English, Colorado College

Director of Client Services, Statline, LLC (2000 - 2005)