SRM’s compliance management program is the most effective, streamlined way to manage
stormwater compliance.

Our four-pronged approach is the only comprehensive stormwater compliance program on the market today that empowers you to become the compliance experts.
With us, you become the expert.

Dedicated Consultant

Our expert consultants provide inspections and audits, guidance, training and reports to help you easily identify and virtually eliminate enforceable regulatory findings, no matter what state your project is in. From SWPPP design to Regulatory Response assistance, our experts have a wide range of industry experience to help. With our help, you can quickly master stormwater compliance.

Early risk assessments and compliance audits

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the project’s Stormwater Management Plan before construction starts—saves the most money
  • Detailed report of recommendations for project and executive team to get the project started right
  • Strategies for mitigating potential enforcement-related risks, reducing environmental impacts, managing long-term compliance costs

Monthly project team/jobsite performance audits

  • Every point of permit compliance verified using the most advanced compliance software available
  • Ongoing recommendations for cost-effective implementation of the plan
  • Help you build an iron-clad record of compliance performance
  • Detailed executive summary reports showing compliance performance and improvements over time

Company-wide compliance program proven effective at reducing your risks

  • Standard systems and tools that always work, everywhere you build
  • One training works for all team members, cuts training time
  • Regulatory enforcement response coordination and action mitigation
  • Compliance guarantee—standing with our clients and behind our services


There is no stormwater compliance training that compares with SRM training. Advanced Course students gain the knowledge to successfully implement our complete USMS™ compliance system in the field. Our website training resource reinforces the classroom course. Further training is built into each step of our intuitive digital compliance tool.

USMS™ Basic Stormwater

  • Permit requirements and regulatory expectations
  • Common construction pollution sources
  • Appropriate pollution controls for every pollution source
  • Evaluating effectiveness of controls in the field
  • Maintaining field controls

USMS™ Advanced Stormwater Manager

  • Permit requirements & regulatory expectations
  • Stormwater Manager responsibilities
  • Uniform Stormwater Management System (USMS™)
  • Performing jobsite inspections and audits
  • Using digital compliance system
  • Before, during and after a regulatory enforcement inspection

Custom & Company-wide Training

  • Lunch and learns
  • Estimating and Preconstruction Services
  • SWPPP Preparation and submittal
  • GoToMeeting™ on-line training
  • Monthly on-the-job training

Management System (USMS™)

SRM developed our industry standard Uniform Stormwater Management System(USMS), a 4-step, stormwater-targeted version of an Environmental Management System. Paired with ComplianceWise, a robust digital tool to manage your USMS, stormwater compliance becomes simple.


  • Comprehensive—covers compliance from pre-construction planning to permit termination
  • Customizable—adapts to your geographical location, project sizes and corporate culture
  • Clear—turns complicated NPDES regulations into an easy to understand and apply program
  • Can be incorporated into a full ISO 14001 EMS program
  • Full implementation training and guidance for your team

Customized Stormwater Regulatory Compliance Programs

No two projects or companies are alike, so we can design a program that fits you best. We're not the "yes" guys—we'll always tell you the truth and recommend only a program we can stand behind, but we're dedicated to help you manage your stormwater compliance success.

  • Job-specific or company-wide, our robust, flexible compliance system platform makes creating a custom program fast and cost-effective
  • Comply with federal and state construction permits, and applicable local erosion and sediment control regulations

Digital Inspection Tools

ComplianceWise created a customized version of their stormwater system to support SRM’s unique Uniform Stormwater Management System (USMS™) methodology. Stormwater professionals appreciate the comprehensive and accurate compliance evaluations ComplianceWise offers, while the built-in training and guidance will make even a novice look like an expert.

ComplianceWise Stormwater

  • Digitally manage your USMS™ from anywhere, anytime online
  • Full digital inspection and SWPPP record-keeping
  • Pre-inspection planning updates the narrative
  • Documentation checklists for federal and state NPDES Permits
  • Create, complete, and update site maps online, anytime
  • Notifications and reminders assure timely and complete recordkeeping
  • Never lose required documentation
  • Establish and track any number of compliance performance indicators
  • Webinar trainings and phone support