Companies needing stormwater program assistance from an outside consultant should always ask one simple question to evaluate their effectiveness and value:

“Does your consulting firm offer a guarantee?”

If they’re not able to do it, there is a better option out there.

SRM is the only stormwater compliance management company in the nation that offers to guarantee you against penalties—or your money back.

It’s no gimmick either.

93% of SRM projects meet the SRM Guarantee requirements each month.

What about those that don’t?

They immediately know why they are at risk for enforcement, allowing them to make the needed course corrections to qualify the next month.

What does the SRM Guarantee do for you?

With our guaranteed program, you get:

  • Expert knowledge of all permit requirements, regulatory expectations and an understanding of the threshold for enforcement to stay below
  • Peace of mind – Hundreds of clients and thousands of projects without a single penalty assessed against any…not one!
  • An insurance policy and program that yields 100% success when implemented
  • Consultants that have extra motivation to keep you compliant. Having “skin in the game” keeps us focused on helping your company follow a proven process that’s a win/win for both of us – no costly penalties.

How does it work?

We’ll provide you all the proven tools, methods and training you’ll need to stay ahead of regulators.  With our expert guidance your people implement the program quickly and with little disruption.

Your projects cannot always be perfect, and regulations allow some leeway, so we communicate clearly and quickly to alert you if your project is approaching the enforcement threshold. But we don’t stop there; we’ll also suggest a range of cost-effective solutions until we arrive at the right one for the project team and the situation.

We can’t always predict when a regulatory compliance inspection is going to occur on a project, but we are the only stormwater consultant confident enough in our methodology to predict the results.

What’s the cost?

Sounds expensive? It isn’t.

This guarantee has been part of our everyday process since 2004.

Think of SRM’s program as a valuable insurance policy with low premiums that yields almost 100% risk reduction. Guaranteed!

Want to know more?

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