Frustrated by stormwater compliance?

Get your projects in compliance in 30 days
without breaking the bank.

Projects in compliance in one month.
Become the compliance expert in three.

Most builders underestimate stormwater regulatory risks until costly enforcement catches them by surprise. SRM helps you turn risk into immediate, lasting results with our 30 Days to Compliance program.

First 30 Days

Projects in compliance guaranteed

What we take care of

  • Correcting all Documentation
  • Converting Paper to Digital Recordkeeping
  • Performing ALL Inspections

Your responsibility

  • Observing SRM’s Process
  • Correcting Deficient Field Controls
  • Completing Advanced Stormwater Class

30-60 Days

Teach you on the job

What we take care of

  • Performing Weekly Inspections
  • Maintaining Digital Records
  • Mentoring Your Project Team
  • Setting up Performance Reports, Alerts & Notifications

Your responsibility

  • Participation In Weekly Inspections
  • Performing Storm Event Inspections
  • Maintaining Field Controls

At the end of 90 Days

You’re a compliance expert!

What we take care of

  • Performing Bi-Weekly Audits
  • Reviewing Performance Reports
  • Providing 24/7 Phone Assistance

Your responsibility

  • Performing All Inspections
  • Maintaining Digital Documentation
  • Maintaining Field Controls
  • Reviewing Performance Reports
  • Maintaining  Accountability System

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